Read and translate the text. Garlic: Nature’s oldest remedy

Garlic: Nature’s oldest remedy

Eat garlic and stay healthy. This is the message of a new book Garlic: Nature’s Original Remedy by John Blackwood and Stephen Fulder, which presents quite a convincing case. Garlic kills many bugs – sometimes more efficiently than commonly used drugs. It may help protect us against heart disease and may even be of use in mild forms of diabetes. There is also some evidence, they report, that eating garlic may possibly guard against cancer.

Authors don’t say that garlic is a cure-all, far from it. They admit that it doesn’t always work and that much more research is needed. They point out, too, that it may cause a burning feeling in the mouth and stomach and, in especially sensitive people, rashes, flushes, asthma, headaches and depression.

They include remedies and recipes for garlic-based dishes in the book, but warn that if your problem is serious or continues, you should see a professional herbalist.

If you’re worried about the smell, herbs such as parsley can help to hide it.

A. Translate the following words from the text.

1) bugs – ……………

2) mild forms – ……………

3) guard – ……………

4) cure-all – ……………

5) burning – ……………

6) herbalist – ……………

7) parsley – ……………

B. Answer the questions.

1) Do you like garlic?

2) Does eating garlic ever cause you any problems?

3) What dishes in your country have garlic in them?

4) After reading this book review, will you eat more garlic? Why? / Why not?

5) Do you know other herbs which people use for health problems? What are they?

C. Read the statements. If the writer is certain, put C, if the writer says it is possible, put P. If the text doesn’t say, put DS.

1) __ Garlic is sometimes better than medicine.

2) __ Garlic helps people who do not have serious cases of diabetes.

3) __ Garlic helps prevent cancer.

4) __ Garlic will not help all the time.

5) __ Doctors are giving garlic to their patients as a form of medicine.

6) __ More studies on garlic are necessary.

7) __ Garlic causes headaches, rashes etc.

8) __ Garlic is found in many places.

Fill in the blanks with the right word.

1. She doesn't eat any sweets as she wants to _ _ _ _ weight.

2. He drank almost all his coffee. There was only a little left at the _ _ _ t _ _ of his cup.

3. To make bread rise you use _ _ a _ _.

4. I love fruit, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ l _ _ peaches.

5. The yellow part of an egg is the _ _ _ _.

6. Be careful with that knife! It is rather _ h _ _ _ and you might cut your finger.

7. Can I _ _ u _ some more tea into your cup?

8. As he didn't have enough cash to pay for his dinner, he made out a _ _ _ q _ _.

9. The sauce is terribly _ _ _. You put far too much pepper in it.

10. There was a strong _ m _ _ _ of fish.

11. We were _ _ r _ _ _ by a waiter with a _ t _ _ _ _ Italian accent.